Product prepared with eggs, pure alcohol, without colouring agents or preservatives.

In the production of our eggnog products, we only use the egg yolks. The egg yolks are mixed. Next, equal quantities of sugar are added to them. This is followed by the addition of spices (according to our own recipe) and milk. And, as a last step, alcohol is added. For the traditional eggnog we use pure alcohol (this in contrast to some other eggnog concoctions that are made with a cheaper brand of brandy). The product has a shelf life of 2 years.

Alcohol percentage: 14.9°


Weckglass with eggnog with Amaretto
Weckglass with eggnog
Weckglass with eggnog with chocolate


Eggnog with Dutch gin. Recommended!
This eggnog spiritual is produced on the basis of Claeyssens Wambrechies geneva gin.

Eggnog with Scots malt whisky. Topper!
This eggnog spiritual is produced with a base of Scotch malt whisky.

Eggnog with Schrobbelèr. Unmatched taste!
This eggnog spiritual is produced with a base of Schrobbelèr (spiced liqueur).

Eggnog with chocolate. Typically Belgian!
This eggnog is produced with a base of the best of Belgian chocolate.

Eggnog with Amaretto.
Delicious with a cup of coffee.


Some tips: aside from the regular use of eggnog as a liqueur product, one can also use it as a 'finishing touch' on any type of dessert. For instance: just a wee drop of eggnog on: ice-cream scoops; pancakes; waffles; chocolate mousse; fresh fruits , and much more ...


All of the above products are being produced with the utmost care on our production premises in Sint-Niklaas. Moreover, they have the BRC-label. This means that we take a lot of care on points as hygiene, raw materials and finished products. The result is that we only become high quality products.


Product description Packaging Number of pieces/packaging Remarks
Mini container 30 ml 1 box 30 x 30 ml birthdays, celebrations ...
Bottle 200 ml 1 box 12 x 200 ml gift basket, private use
Weckglass 350 ml 1 box 6 x 350 ml gift basket, private use
Bottle 500 ml 1 box 6 x 500 ml private use
Bottle 700 ml (*) 1 box 8 x 700 ml horeca - (*) with minipump
Bucket 5 l 1 bucket 1 x 5 l bakers
Bucket 10 l 1 bucket 1 x 10 l bakers
Container 10 l (*) 1 container 1 x 10 l horeca - (*) available with pump
Set 4 x 30 ml 1 box 12 x 1 set degustation
Giftbag 1 box 6 x 1 set gift wrapping
Mini-giftbag 1 box 6 x 1 set gift wrapping
Tinnen giftbox with eggnog 1 box 6 x 1 set gift wrapping
eggnog gift box 1 box 1 box suitcase
Other types of packaging are available on request.