Our pralines are prepared with pure chocolate and filled with eggnog liqueur.

The mechanical preparation: therefore we use the pure bitter Belgian chocolate and our homemade eggnog. The chocolate and eggnog are introduced into the machine via a separate funnel. The praline moulds or bar moulds are moving past the funnel and the eggnog praline or chocolate bar leaves the machine completely finished.

Shelf life: +/- 6 months, kept at 14°C.
Preferably keep in a cool place.

The common shape of the eggnog pralines is that of a diamond. During the Easter and Valentine periods, the pralines can, on request, also be delivered in the shape of bells or hearts.

All of the above products are being produced with the utmost care on our production premises in Sint-Niklaas. Moreover, they have the BRC-label. This means that we take a lot of care on points as hygiene, raw materials and finished products. The result is that we only become high quality products.

Product description Packaging Number of pieces/packaging Remarks
16 eggnog pralines 1 display 8 x 16 pralines private consumption, as amenities
23 eggnog pralines 1 tinnen box 8 x 23 pralines gift package, yearend gift ...
6 kg eggnog pralines 1 big box 1 x 6 kg horeca, bakers and the like
bars of chocolate with eggnog 1 display 1 x 24 bars shops, bakers, private consumption
Other types of packaging are available on request.