Den Ouden Advokaat is the exclusive distributor of Schrobbelèr spiced liqueur.

This liqueur is the cherry on the cake and is composed of no fewer than 43 spices. It has a volume percentage of 21.5%. Schrobbelèr can be served either cold or warm.

With the base of Schrobbelèr spiced liqueur, we also produce a egg-nog with Schrobbelèr. (See also our Egg-nog-specialities).

Glasses, small tasting cups etcetera, are also available.
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Product description Packaging Number of pieces/packaging Remarks
Schrobbelèr 1L 1 box 6 x 1L private consumption
Schrobbelèr 0,70L 1 box 6 x 0,70L gift baskets
Schrobbelèr 0,35L 1 box 12 x 0,35L gift baskets
Schrobbelèr 0,10L 1 box 48 x 0,10L bagbottle
Schrobbelèr 0,05L 1 box 24 x 0,05L as a snack, small courtesy
Schrobbelèr 0,04L 1 box 24 x 0,04L as a snack, small courtesy
Gift package 0,70L 1 box 3 x 0,70L as a gift
Schrobbelèr 2L 1 box 1 x 2L magnum bottle